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Maintaining a home or commercial building is no more a difficult and complicated task as Midwest Property Services (MPS) is here to help you! MPS is a fully insured, full-service maintenance company, specializing in maintenance services for town home and condominium associations, residential homes and commercial buildings. We provide the labor, materials and the equipment necessary to complete the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our mission is to provide a great service to our customers and help make the property manager’s job easier and more efficient.

Midwest Property Services, Inc

We’re more than just your maintenance company as we can complete interior or exterior wood replacement; framing; property unit inspections - detecting water leaks in bath tubs, sinks and toilets; exit and emergency lighting installation; repairs; inspections of lighting usage; and also save on your electrical lighting.


A Full service Building Maintenance company

  • Midwest Property Services, Inc


  • Midwest Property Services, Inc


  • Midwest Property Services, Inc


  • Snow Removal & Ice Management

  • Gate Access System

  • Camera System

Property Management Companies

Property Management Companies

We work with small, medium, and large sized residential and commercial property management companies. 



We work with homeowners helping them maintain their biggest investment.



We work with investors helping maintain and daily upkeep of their investment property. 


Cristy U

Just thought I should share with your email received this evening. GREAT JOB!!! Thank you everyone!!!!!!!


It is 4:15 and all siding is up in both front and back. Work was done efficiently with no down time for anything else. All that is left is painting and azek attachment to bottom of panels. I could not be happier. Association can be completely comfortable sending this crew for any home repair. Great customer communication and job completion in a timely fashion.

Just a fyi


I just got off the phone with owner for the drywall work order. She said that MPS was TOP NOTCH! She was very impressed with the guys. I wanted you to know she is a tough cookie to please, so this compliment means even more!

Thanks for always making my job easier. 

Congrats on the 20 years


Hi Christian,

Can you please share the following compliments expressed by the owner in Spinnaker Cove, 1325 Seabury the Calabria’s with the crazy squirrels.  Mr. C. called me to say how good the two techs did on the work to close the opening and repair the area, changing the downspout as he suggested, and he was so very happy.  So please be sure Matt knows, the guys were Nacho and Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot what he said the name was but I’m sure you know right?  Whoever the other was, he complimented them both on the good work they did.